Limerick City Gallery Of Art-county Limerick

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The afternoon should give you the chance to visit the Uffizi gallery - one of the most important art galleries near me in the world. Enjoy looking at the fine pieces of Renaissance art.
Framing. Here is my number one tip to impress your companions next time you visit an art gallery. Last year I took a group of adults to a gallery in Murcia. One woman exclaimed, "Ooh what a lovely frame!" Well, it's OK to say that if you want to but it's better to say that a painting is 'sympathetically framed' or indeed 'unsympathetically framed'. Does the frame enhance the painting it surrounds? Is it of the same period?
Plinth Gallery: An excellent gallery of ceramic art in the RiNo district, 3520 Brighton Blvd, is featuring Amanda Jaffe and Suzanne Kane this month. Reception from 6 - 9 PM. If you'd like to check out other galleries in the River North art District, talk to the skilled ceramist and owner of Plinth Gallery, Jonathan Kaplan. He'd be happy to give you a map of the area.
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