Yamaha D Deck

Having just bought a Yamaha D Deck (also known as DDK 7), why don't Yamaha UK pull there finger out and import them??

It's such a BRILLIANT instrument, part Tyros part Electrone and well, it's just superb!

Sadly, being British, we're told what we like and can't make up our own minds, no chance when they won't even give it a try!!!


  • Hi Cameron
    This has been talked about many times, however it is up to the Japanese main company to export them to the UK, and they will only do this (There are various UK regulations and tests instruments have to go through before they can be legally sold in the UK) if Yamaha UK can guarantee a ridicules amount of sales for the product.
    This is why Yamaha UK put together the Tyros 2/3 Registick to easily add an extra keyboard and pedals to it. (They are also working with Orla to develop a suitable organ looking base)
    So there you have it.

  • That's fair enough, but, it would be nice to have the choice!

    I've seen photo's of this new Tyros set up, and to me, the keyboards still look way to far apart. When will people realise how useful thumb pistons are too, instead of having to actually take your hands off the keyboards?!

    Organs have been killed off by keyboards I reckon. But then, when a new organ does come out, the price is stupid!!
  • This really caught my attention. I've been in contact with Bauer GmbH for quite a while, and I had just got organised to go and try the D Decker and hopefully buy one, when they ceased stocking it because of the exchange rate. Would you mind me asking where you went for yours, Cameron? If it was anywhere a short flight away I would definitely go to have a look.


  • ive tried the tyros 2 set up with the extra keyboard and bass pedals .. i soon got shut of it .. the keyboards are way to far apart and it just dosent have the feel playing an organ.. this d deck looks the business espeacilly for the pro`s out there . i seen somewhere you can pick this up under one arm ! seen and heard a couple of videos on this ... it sounds amazing.. i totally agree there too cameron organs have definatley been killed off with keyboards .. if i had plans to part with my cash and get a new toy i would certainly be looking at this ..

  • I bought it second hand from someone who had bought it from the place you mention Penny!

    And yes, you can pick it up under one arm!
  • Thanks, Cameron. Trust me to miss the boat!
  • Me again. I am now the overjoyed owner of a Stagea ELS-01C, the one advertised here by James Ewins. What a formidable and wonderful instrument that is. I can't leave it alone.

    Hope you're all having a lovely Christmas Day.

  • Congratulations Penny!

    Does this mean you will be bringing it up to Scotland when you play for us in April? :-) Only kidding! I know it would be a bit of a tall order to expect you to have your program ready on the new instrument by then. In the meantime, I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it. Good on you for being another "Pioneer" and obtaining one!!! Have fun!


  • Hi Nicola! Sorry to be so slow replying - as you can imagine, I've been busy learning my way round the Stagea and havne't been into the forums for ages. I'm actually gigging with the Stagea regularly now - first time on the 20th January which was a bit scarey, but now I feel pretty much at home with it. It is so like an EL crossed with a Tyros. So yes, I'll be bringing it to Scotland.


  • Hi Penny,

    No worries, I got the letter you sent, so we're really looking forward to hearing it. I don't envy the work you must have had to sort out your concert programme on it! Good on you for getting it all sorted out so quickly though, I'm glad you are feeling at home on it now. :-)
    Will chat to you soon...

  • to be honest the only organ that willl sound like the d deck in the uk is the tyros 3 with the trx system even then it is a bit keyboard ish anyway thats why im looking in to a yamaha el900 connecting the tyros to it playing throught the midi so it will sound like the tyros and play like an organ not a chep alterative but it will have to do .
  • I'm sticking to what I know best and that is playing music with my instruments. However, I might include I can't enjoy doing them properly if I'm not equipped with the proper instrument. It somehow lacks substance if I don't use a great music enhancer. DDK7 so far has given me positive results.
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